Imported Coal
It can cover GCV(Gross Colorific Value between 5200-6500 kc/kg).  Owing to the premium quality of coal and timely deliveries of the orders, we have been able to serve clients across various industries. We supply our range to the clients in various parts..
The processing plant has a rated raw coal feed capacity of approximately 600 tonnes per hour. Heavy media cyclones are used for coarse raw coal cleaning and flotation is used for fine raw coal cleaning to produce clean coal products.The raw coal feed is divided and distributed over eight sieve bends that discharge directly to eight desliming screens. The deslimed coarse coal then passes to a mixing box where it is mixed with water and magnetite and fed to eight 600 millimeter diameter heavy media cyclones.
  • Heat Value.
  • Moisture Content.
  • Hardness(Hard Grove Index).
  • The properties are identified by taking representative samples from each coal batch used at the power plant.
  • is essential when optimizing the combustion process at coal fired power plants.
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