Reject Coal
It can cover GCV(Gross Colorific Value between 1200-3500 kc/kg). Reject Coal is a  low as low sulfur bituminous coal that can been converted into coke for use in the steelmaking Process. Reject Coal is commonly refered to as Coking Coal, Met Coal or Metcoal.The trend in Reject coal trading is shifting from long term contract pricing and moving toward exchange traded spot market price model.
Coke, iron ore, and limestone are fed into the blast furnace, which runs continuously. Hot air blown into the furnace burns the coke, which serves as a source of heat and as an oxygen reducing agent to produce metallic iron. Limestone acts as a flux and also combines with impurities to form slag. Foundries use coke as a source of heat for producing metal castings. Other industrial uses of coke include the smelting of phosphate rock to produce elemental phosphorous and the production of calcium carbide.
Reject coal has a total of eleven operations and a further two green-fields mines under construction in Australia. Our assets produce high quality hard coking coal which is an essential raw material in the production of steel.  This high quality hard coking coal is produced from our low cost asset bases in Queensland (predominantly open cut mines owned in an alliance with Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd and Mitsui) and New South Wales (100 per cent underground operations).
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