Washed Coal
It can cover GCV(Gross Colorific Value between 3860-5500 kc/kg). Washed Coal Briquetting is the process of converting agricultural waste into high density and energy concentrated fuel briquettes. Bio Coal Briquetting plants are of various sizes which converts agricultural waste into solid fuels. Briquettes are ready substitute of Coal/ wood/ other Conventional Fuel in industrial boiler and brick kiln for thermal application.
Washed Coal Briquettes are Non Conventional Source of Energy, Renewable in nature, Eco friendly, non polluting and economical. Process of converting agricultural waste to solid fuel is also Non Polluting. It has not required adding any binder / chemicals so it is 100% natural. Briquettes have high specific density (1200 Kg/m3) and bulk density (800 Kg/m3) compared to just 60 to 180 Kg/m3 of loose Bio Coal. Washed Coal made by of Baggasse and Saw Dust is a viable energy option suitable for widespread application requires an energetically efficient, economical, and convenient energy transformation pathway to meet consumer energy needs.
  • Easy to burn - lower ignition temperature compared to coal.
  • Smokeless burning and sustained combustion and the temperature requirement is achieved due to very efficient combustion.
  • Leaves only white ash without any fixed carbon.
  • Full heat value is utilized.
  • Easy to handle and 1000 kgs of briquettes per cubic meter can be stored and transported against 50 kgs of agro-waste.
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